Past Games

Stranded on a desert island, a motley mob of morons must struggle to survive. What do we do now? Better question: What do they do now?!
Play as a Chameleon waiter trying to survive his day job!
An ancient syndicate of wizards has located the \"Layline of Power\" which could unlock the secrets of the universe, or spells certain doom for it. \ \ Drawn to this power, you must fight the hoards of the void and banish them back before their corruption overwhelms you. \ \ Other's of your order also seek the Layline, and across mystical temporal internet displacement send more foul beasts your way! \ \ Out survive them all, banish the demons, and claim the secret of the \"Layline of Power\"!
A world of extinction... and puns... about extinction. A collection of 4 minigames where the only one in danger of extinction is you!