Past Games

Two helium balloons inhabit two different screens. Each balloon is indirectly controlled by a different player by using a musical midi keyboard.
New York, 1920. A big crane goes out of control! As a crane operator, you must fix-it and save our workers before they fall down! Be a savior! Be a hero!
Defend your rights, your home is the most important thing for you. Panchito and McCloud homes are separated by a fence that is also the frontier that separates their countries.
Both have a nuclear button, one says his button is bigger (and works). Help our heroes(?) to transmit the launch order pushing the button as fast as possible and demostrate who have the bigger...
Simple trivial game about general science. Just use joystick button (or space key) to select and confirm.
Nintendo DS Game. The argument is simple. Evolution could have gone another way … And it did … We are a cat addicted to milk. It is our most precious treasure, but that human always try to rob us.