Nicolas Burgos

Past Games

In a distant land two blacksmiths need to forge different orders due to high demand and they can't fail! Instructions Create different recipes on two sides by grabbing items from the ground o
A little unorthodox platformer game, with a special ambiance that takes you to a beautifull aztec environment which will make you experience a journey that starts where it was supposed to finish. Com
hay que hacer una descripción decente
One game funny where you fix a roller coaster, through mini-puzzles, before it will crash, repair such fast as possible and save passengers.
Comienza con una persona que cumple su condena en la carcel de maxima seguridad y se dirige rumbo a casa.
Montones de burbujas viajan por un río vaporwave. Evita los sintetizadores, esculturas y monstruos que vienen hacia vos.