Past Games

*A competitive decorating game for 2 players* Two elemental knights have just moved into a spacious apartment together and each wants to make it feel like home.
Local multiplayer party game, controlled with your phone and visualized on a shared screen Send orders to a bunch of unruly dwarven miners, hoping they accomplish the shared goals.
Boops, Beez, and Bears is a cross between between a horde-mode survival game and a participatory art experience.
Trapped in an eternal hell, our hero falls back on old habits and decides to loot some graves. Use your loot to perform rituals that cleanse the restless dead with giant flaming chickens!
Description ---- Overlord Phil has ordered all of his minions (that means you and up to three of your friends) to bring him cows, lots and lots of cows! The overlord is a very fickle boss, changi
A deck-building card game where your vision of the cards shapes their behavior. Socket together cards and lock in edges to activate their abilities.
As one of the last humans alive, you need to love you some zombies to save the human race. Revive zombies and help the un-undead escape thru the portal. Since zombies love beating hearts, distract them with yours.
Low Power is a game where in order to survive you must hasten your own death. You control a robot whose battery is constantly draining but there are valuable energy cores scattered throughout the level that will sustain your life. There are all kinds of dangerous environmental hazards that unless you enable your sensors/abilities (lights, shield, ground sensor, microphone) you'll never survive. However enabling the different systems will drain your battery even faster.
Hubert runs a park with the allegedly extinct dodo. You have gotten a pass to go hunting on his lands. Kill as many dodos as you can in the time limit. The higher your score the more money you have to spend on new weapons.
As a incorporeal assassin, you possess and control the bodies of innocents to further your mission of destroying rival assassins.