Past Games

"The world is barren. Grow into hope for the future, along with the rest of the world." Grow as far as you can into the earth while avoiding rocks and picking up nutrients.
People's houses need cleaning and decluttering, and Mary Condo is here to help you help them!
In this world, squares go right. So go right.
You're a regular salaryman, you come home from work, and your wife is angry at you about something. What do you do now?
You are somewhere. No one knows where, especially not you. All you know is 1.
You are a man. A MANLY MAN. A manly man, stuck in a girly girl world. Make no mistake -- you, as a manly man, respect girly girls, but as a manly man, you cannot bear existing in such a girly world, full of unicorns and teddy bears and shit. So no! You won’t take this sitting down. You will run -- run from this incongruity, letting your manly hormones rush through your manly arteries, reveling in utter destruction and mayhem along your path, to escape this insanity, your heart beating wildly from the manly hormones raging in your manly body.