Past Games

This is a Strategic Puzzle Figthing videogame made at Lima Game Jam 2016, the game is about giving offerings to powerful gods in order to fight each others. ✔ Multiplayer ✔ Available online ✔ M
A horror puzzle game in first person that may cause you think things twice.
Bittersweet is about a couple with opposite personalities, she sees the world in a sweet way and he sees it in a bitter way. This is a real time coop plataform game in wich both players have to int
A soldier must protect a bunker full of refugees from the ET invasion which is infected with a letal virus. \ \ The soldier is the only one who can resist the infection of the virus, however if he gets infected he becomes a mutant and start attacking the refugees, then the refugees must cure him by shooting the antidotes found on the bunker. Once he gets healed he will protect them again from the invasion, \ \ unless.... he gets infected again.