Past Games

A two player Commodore 64 game where you play as a person afflicted with lycanthropy. The first player plays as the human side of the person, and must hide a key in a piece of furniture.
You have found a payphone that can talk to the dead.
Better hop on your bike an beat the rain!
"Parcel" follows the story of Parcel, a package, and his friend Droney, as they seek to find Parcel's destination after an accident with a bird. He lost his address label in the crash.
Vacancy takes place within a hotel that you are trying to escape.
Prism is a 3-D puzzle platformer wherein the player must cycle through various wave lengths of light in order to traverse the Prism Tower and uncover its hidden secrets.
Bastet is born under the ancient Egyptian God Ra. In order to become the true Goddess of Cats, Ra has set her off on a journey to perform a ritual with the elemental ancient runes!
There are dungeons in a infinitely large desert. Explore ruins and dodge traps to get treasure.
Heart Defender! By: Hyperion Studios You are a <3. Your job as the heart is to pump blood throughout your host and keep him alive. Pump too fast for too long, your host will die. Pump too slow for too long, your host will die. As a heart, keep a steady beat going, and everything will be okay. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Your host is not the healthiest of people. He put on an extra hundred pounds or so recently, so your job will be difficult. Not only do you have to keep the blood flowing steadily, but you must fend off things like heart disease, cholesterol. and more.