Past Games

A video based choose your own adventure time travel game.
Using hand tracking, the player must construct bricks and stack them in a broken pyramid.
Top-down 3D asymmetrical multiplayer action game where a Shack in the woods housing LumberJacks and LumberJills doesn't want to lose its dwellers!
A young boy ventures too far into the woods and gets lost. He now must find his way home as he encounters the denizens of the spirit world.
Crosswired is a Virtual Reality cable management game with funny dialogue. It's up to you as the operator for an intergalactic communications switchboard to connect the correct calls.
Place and arrange decorative elements in a zen meditation garden from high above, then take a tour and explore your creation at ground level.
(*Oculus VR*) See what it's like on the other side of the item shop counter as you, an amateur alchemist, create potions to order for the citizens of a typical RPG village.