Past Games

a guy trying to find home while begin chased by skeletons?
TransEmotion is a game about managing your team's likes and preferences, to get your team through the end of your project.
After "Hatoful Boyfriend" heres comes the best animal love simulator ever Being a whale is not easy, please help protecting them Made in <1
"77" by Jerónimo Barraco Mármol @ The game might look too simple, and lacking features, but its more an expression than a game. And what i want to express is pretty much
Board Game - 4 Players Juego de Meza para 4 Jugadores
You have to look for your other half heart. Show how you are, and look for the right one! Pick an activity and go for the girls. Then choose the one who likes you best.
You're a something, running, searching for something.
You are on a Space Ship, everybody's dead and your race nearly anihilated. You have to fight the virus invading your ship if you want to survive.