Past Games

タイトル:「ニャンキーゴーホーム」 グレた子ねこをママねこが改心させ家に連れ帰るゲーム
リズムに合わせて画面をタップし、ソナーの光を広げ、ダンジョン内のお宝部屋を目指すゲーム! 上手くタップでコンボを繋くことにより、徐々に光が広がっていく快感! リズムを刻んだ時の音の快感! 落ちたら即ゲームオーバーというダンジョンをクリアしたときの快感! これら3つの快感を味わえる新感覚リズミカル探索ゲーム! ダンジョンを攻略したとき、主人公ジェントルを待ち受けるお宝とは…?
-About the game- ■Title (Japanese):神ゲヱ ~LOVE波を添えて~ ■Title (English):God Game by Japan ■Genre:Real-time Life Simulation -About the story- ”Hi, New God” "神ゲヱ - God Game" is a Real-ti
Tittle:Manic Candy Game genre:Horizontal scrolling action Story:The girl whom a mental condition is unstable in is a game opposite to a self For Android(APK) link :https://dl.dropboxusercontent.c
We are Mage ! The game of our Ninja cut the Chonmage of the Tonosama.
「ゲームハンター・ミオ」 ・第1話 父さんの想い出 「やったわ!父さん!」 亡くなった父の作ったゲームが、悪の組織に奪われて都庁の地下に、隠されていた。 「操作説明」 迫り来る水面から足場使ってジャンプして、上を目指せ! --- [Game Hunter Mio] [How To Play] To jump out of the water with scaffolding looming, aims on!
>>>R.I.N.N.E>>> is a racing-like shooter to avoid obstacles and compete with last run of yourself. \ Enjoy the race of reincarnation with >>>R.I.N.N.E>>>. \ \ note. v0.9 ghost feature could not get pushed in within 48 hours :p
(Japanese and English versions available)In 2012, the world became flooded. In order to avoid extinction, the 3 remaining races of the world, Habbus, Gabbus and Dabbus built arks to reach the last remaining large land mass, Utopia. Aboard the ark, Habbus, Gabbus and Dabbus make babies. Let hem make too many babies, and the ship sinks, so you have to throw some of. Throw too many off, and they won't survive the trip to Utopia. The point is to bring as many back as you can! Depending on how many from each race arrive safely, the history of Utopia changes! Enjoy over 250 story combinations, through which the background of the world and the characteristics of each race is revealed.