Past Games

The hero explores a spooky cave, but with all sorts of monsters and enemies will he succumb to madness? Computer VSync breaks the physics so you need to disable Vsync on your computer
Walk around the city and battle random strangers in a rock/paper/scissor card game. WASD to walk around. Press Space to start a battle when next to someone. Click on 2 cards to play per round.
Control a Hermit Crab to get the cookies with some powerups along the way Controls are janky but have you ever seen a dexterous hermit crab. Controls: W: Forward S: Reverse A: Rotate Left
A prototype for a turn based market simulator where you sell consumer ritual goods Unfortunalty time ran short and the AI that the game mostly depends on wasn't implented in time.
Find a way out. Xbox controller support. Keyboard use z,x,c,v, space Hint: (Turn on the light, find the hidden door, escape)
A multiplayer co-op survival game
A single player game about survival and devouring the hearts of living creatures
You depart form work on what you hoped to be an average day, only to find out that Aliens are throwing asteroids at your planet! Filled with rage you grab a conveniently close-by spaceship and travel to the alien world to ruin their day.