Past Games

You awaken in a pile of awesome assets and programming made by lots of talented people. In a valuable learning experience that did not become a playable game.
Flight of the Grey Ladies is about the brave pigeons that carried messages during world war II.
Dance to guide your bees to the flower and back before your rival does!
After being thrown in the zoo's dungeon for unionizing the lions and the tigers, the bears began to experiment on Teddy with a potion labeled "Drink Me." Now he can't seem to hold
Heartbeat solar system There’s a heart beat that you have to match with a key press If you match it correctly, the big bang will get bigger and form the solar system and planets and moons. If you go too fast, the bodies move too fast and fall out of orbit If you go too slow, the bodies don’t move fast enough to escape the gravity of the system and will collide. When the planets crash into the center the game is over and shows your high scores. There may be multipliers available when you catch enough consecutive beats. The planets will probably merge if or when they collide. Hitting
Allergy Alliance is a 2D puzzle game based on the collaboration between people with different kinds of allergies who must join forces to help each other survive and navigate through public places filled with allergens.
In this game, you will build a civilization on Easter Island. Players will need to balance the size of their population with the available resources in order to avoid overexploitation.
What if the oil spill actually hit the everglades and all the local animals were in danger of eradication? Here it’s up to you to drive your monster truck hummer through the dense forest and swamp, find upgrades for your truck to explore the environment and save all the different species before the oil poisons them.