Past Games

Fly in a song from The Fat Rat. Left you go up, right you go down. Be aware, you can fly out the tunnel and get lost until the next step. ¡A game made in less than 14 hours!
A game about connections with a strong music presence .
2 Players game where you have to heal the injuried body! PANIC! don't let it bleed out!
This is a game about a little fella who wants to be home. Avoid meteorites to make your way home and use the adversities at your advantage.
Try to infest all the archives you can but be careful! Intercept the transmission before the antivirus ends its scanning. Once the antivirus ends, the game is over.
This is a game about the strange creature (Half rat, half bat) that needs to find mysterious objects in his post-apocalyptic world. He uses a technology inherited from his ancients.
A Shaman has to turn on the magic towers in order to bring back the sun.
This is an adventure game, not just another story. Just move around with the cursor keys.
This game is about how people can change their behavior when they relate to you. The story starts in a forsaken kingdom....
A game when you will conquer the the girl of your dreams. But you don't know where she is!!!!! and your vision is limited!!! How you will find her??? Listening to her heartbeats :) you will know where she is because her heartbeat sounds will be on the left speaker, the right speaker or both :) Concentrate and listen carefully U.U May the force (of your hear senses) be with you.

Hearty Games