Past Games

History's gretest novelist has exiled himself to a far away island and now you, his manager, must board the Sucundún and look for the author's writings that float in the ocean.
Prepare and complete the ritual before the townsfolk discover and deal with you! Ariel just wants one thing from life: to summon a demon that will give him UNLIMITED POWER!!!
Two girls sneak into an old manor during the night, maybe because they were curious, maybe they were just looking for trouble. But one thing is certain, inside they will face an unspeakable horror...
A child wakes up in the middle of the night, with the urgent need to go to the bathroom.
Your heart will tell you when to see. In this platforme game, the main character is a heart that navigates a dungeon while collecting pills that make her heartbeat vary. The screen blinks at the rate of the heartbit, so the player must play blindly part of the time.