Past Games

You arrive in a strange land, betwixt two opposing towns. Use the WASD/Arrow keys to move around the world, press the Enter button to talk to the citizens, and the WASD/Arrow keys plus Enter to con
A young and upcoming street racer is haunted by his father, a street racer who died during his last race. The young driver searches for his fathers ghost that roams the cyberpunk like city.
Imagine you wake up and can't remember who you are or where you live, all you remember is a feeling, a feeling of your home and what it means to you. In "Feels like, Home" you need t
In Blind the player controls a person without the sense of sight. Using an enhanced sense of hearing, the player is able to sense objects in the environment by listening to sounds emitted by various objects and people. By remaining calm the player can use the sounds to form an image of the environment. As their senses are overwhelmed by disruptive sounds their heart rate increases, and it becomes more difficult to discern all other sounds and cues. Their heart rate and senses will eventually return to a stable level after moving away from disruptive noises. The objective of Blind is to navigate to the heart at the end of the stage, without a time limit or urgency. If you plug an XBox controller in it will vibrate in time with the heart beat sound effect. Controls: W, A, S, D and Mouse.
On a small island in the Pacific a tribe has gone to make a sacrifice to appease the volcano gods that threaten their daily life. The problem is the lack of acceptable sacrifices in the village, so as a result of their poor efforts they cause the volcano to erupt and must flee to the ocean to safety.

Hearty Games