Past Games

A game where you get to keep some memories of your childhood. Credits: Niels Leenders, Steff Kempink, Arnoud Poll Jonker, Tom Hoesstee, Daniel Torkar, Gerben Pasjes
Thousand of kids, lost in cyberspace after the meltdown of ‘55. Only you, Jack Gibson, ex-cyberspace marine turned private detective, can save them. Bring those kids home, Jack. One last time.
As a lone repair-bot, repair devices in this world.
In RiftDrifters the player takes the role of a host, a scout for the Home Fleet.
Be a spymaster and control the town
Search the airwaves for your friends, and chat about life's greatest mysteries. You will communicate using musical notes and tune in to other HAM users on other frequencies.
So you think you can bird? A dance-off between birds of paradise. Have you got the moves?
The city is under attack! Aliens from another dimension are invading. Only the 8-person Authoriteam can stop them now.
grab a friend and climb your way up in TOWERISER ! TOWERISER challenges you and a partner to make your way up in a multitude of levels.
Palpito is a minimalistic game, featuring unique mechanics and a calming ambiance. Be submerged in the deep blue and enjoy the ride

Hearty Games