Past Games

Mediocre Mountain is the worlds most-okay survival game.
petroji puts 2 - 4 players in control of a tribe of early humanoids who must communicate using only petroji, a mix between "petroglyphs" and "emoji"/"emoticons." See belo
Box O' Stuff is less of a game and more of a toolkit for families and friends to make games together, but disguised as a game.
In our game, you play as a dung beetle that is battling the elements and other natural rivals to build a house and survive.
In this game, the player will try to navigate a puzzle/platforming environment that shifts from day to night.
Get drunk, srew your friends
Hearty is a little heart that runs forever in this endless runner and he defeats his enemies through quick time events. The player must get all button combinations right during these quick time events in order to do a super attack on the enemy. The enemies are mean cells that are infected and can cause disease. It is the player's job to collect the heart beats that make him stronger and get rid of as much bad cells as possible. If the player does not get the combinations correct then Hearty is vulnerable to attack. So be careful because the game's level of difficulty increases. high scores located on Leader Board.
Story: You are a cat, your owner is Nyan-Nyan-san. The problem is that he has a girlfriend who is allergic to you His girlfriend wants to finally move in with Nyan-Nyan-san, but she's forcing him to choose between the two of you. Fight for Nyan-Nyan-san's heart!! Premise: A virtual board game where your main objective is to capture more territories than your enemy, which are essentially pieces to Nyan-Nyan-san's heart. Gameplay: You can take territories by using either of your two playing pieces. You have two cats, a small cat and a big cat. You have actions each turn to move and capture territories. Your small cat may only move on owned or neutral places and may capture a neutral territory with an action. Your large cat may only move on owned pieces, however, if an enemy territory is adjacent to an owned territory the large cat may attack the other teams territory. This will trigger one of 3 mini-games. The winner of the mini-game gets the territory. The attacker chooses the mini-game, and this territory can no longer be attacked nor walked on by the opposing team if the attacker wins. Development Information: A downloadable 1v1 competitive game built with Unity3d.
This game is the pudding, dude! So like, you're in this charming, fixer-upper.... Maybe it's haunted, maybe it's not. Who's to say? So here you are, you're one of 3 other characters who like, all have this special paranormal ability they can do, and deep, personal ghosts of trauma long ago that reduce their effectiveness. And you have to fight for survival to escape this fucking haunted house!