Past Games

This is a hyper-real dog fetching sim, hold space bar or left mouse and aim with your mouse
You and whoever joins you are tasked with dealing with an infestation at a local hospital. fight your way to the end to deal with the infestation, good luck. You will need it.
I grew up in an industrial town, and home reminds me of welding. So I created a super simple welding sim. Collisions explode a lot, so good luck.
You're a guy, space dude alien guy. Floating among the stars in a research station in a small area of asteroids. You fight the constant oncoming barrage of asteroids. Enjoy.
Batteries and Digging: Alpha Zero Edition is about a robot that must find collect batteries to keep their heart pumping. To do this, they must stack crates, and dig through the level to find the batteries.