Past Games

A game in which navigate the worlds many obstacles using only sonar to find your way.
The Courier is a strategy game where the player must transmit messages to and from various countries engaging in international diplomacy.
The Sun GodBro is upset with your lack of confidence in his awesomeness. Launch his children of Idols into his faceHole to make him go away.
A game in which your character ritualistically performs actions a specific number of times.
Welcome to Spellcraft Shuffle! The game of whimsical challenges and arcane rewards! Every wizard needs a day off to kick back and put their magical toes up on their enchantment tables.
Lone Astronaut adrift in space after the total destruction of Earth. During your final moments you reflect on the memories that remain. Developed for the Oculus to provide total immersion.
Floating in space, limited fuel, "What do we do now?" In Context Switch, you navigate debris with a jet pack.
Game Play Fog of Delusion is a side scrolling action game. The object of the game is to avoid getting hit by the alien slime or touching the alien’s body.