Past Games

Release Cthulhu features asymmetrical real-time simultaneous gameplay that combines AR, VR and a physical card game.
This narrative experience transmits the player through three points of view; as Mollonka, a twelve year old girl; as Joseph, her dying father; and as Death, herself.
A Virtual Reality game for the Durovis Dive or Google Cardboard. A series of rooms where players need to literally look around and use their head to figure out the puzzles and avoid a fiery end.
TetRunner is a desktop 2D sidescroller featuring Max the cat who must navigate terrain. The Player selects commands which stack up to give Max his actions.
Thump! is a one button game played by thumping a physical foam heart. The game consists of a few mini-games. In the first minigame the user thumps to catch hearts with a moving line. This causes two lovey-dovey faces to move closer for a little tongue action. Because the game is playable with a single keypress or external device, it is intended to be accessible by individuals with limited movement. It does require some timing control but it's pretty forgiving.
Showdown between the red and green snake. Eat the other snake's tail to be victorious!