Past Games

Once upon a time there was a greedy dwarf that lived happily at the botton of a vulcano with his precious treasure until the goblin king found where he lives! The goblin will launch bombs that will
Wendy's Mansion is a game based on a test of courage between three friends set in a mansion haunted by monsters. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible without losing your life.
Un’avventura unica ed incredibile, grazie ad una lanterna magica il nostro piccolo eroe, trasmetterà la speranza all’uomo salvando così il mondo! An incredible adventure, with a magic lantern our l
The Oni are trying to conquer the country! Armed only with your faithful katana and your flaming rage, you have to cut your way through waves of demons to save your beloved ones and your nation.

Hearty Games