Past Games

Keep the balance!
Fend off a growing horde of blood thirsty blobs. Reveal their weak points with anti-blob bombs (Mouse1) and finish them with a laser (Mouse2). Dying blobs spread anti-blob effect to their neighbors.
Stress Free Submarine Repair Survival Game.
Game about trailers and driving cross Finland
You are hitmen contracted to murder Gillian Groover.
Be a personal assistant to a a very needy aristocrat. Keep your master happy.
A decisive battle is in progress and you are quickly running out of warriors. Fix the situation by dubbing as many knights as fast as you can, no time for lengthy rituals!
The house is on fire and the kittens are still inside! What do we do now? Enter Firephant, the fire fighting elephant who will fetch the kitten to safety.
An evil icicle wizard steals candies from a gentle mole! Can you help the blind mole get its candies back?
You are a bus driver, Buzz Love. Your goal is to bring together passengers with matching hearts. You need to rock the bus so that right people stumble to seats next to each other and thus fall in love. Because of your reputation as a great matchmaker, more and more people come aboard to find their true love.As the passengers fall in love, they leave the bus. But be careful! If you fail to match the people up, the bus will eventually get too crowded to make matches and every one will be disappointed. Your reputation is at stake, so don't let the bus get too full! Controls: - Left and right arrow keys to rock the bus - Up arrow to make time pass faster - Space to quaff a "special potion" to help with congestion when it becomes available - ESC to quit - F1 to cheat