Past Games

Увлекательная игра в виртуальной реальности. Там ты окажешься в шкуре кладовщика, работающего на планете, где постоянно меняется гравитация.
Happiness is in your hands! Be brave, strong and kind! So and help this cute people return to their Home!
English language Main goal of the game to save the tower which is the only weapon. Gameplay is to move the objects interacting with the beam (mirrors, splitters, etc.).
Эта игра посвящена невзрачной на первый взгляд старушке, но сильной внутри.
Due to the world crisis and lack of basic resources, the greatest minds of our century have decided to save people and the planet.
This is our world. We think we know it pretty well. But do we? When it is cruel to us we lose our connection with it, withdraw into our own world.

Hearty Games