Mostafa Zaki

Past Games

Two friends must use their combined power of magnetism and electricity to escape their prison. The game is a 2 player Co-op game played with joysticks or on keyboard
Two Pi is a mobile game it describes the effects of different Mediums Density on waves.
surf through sound waves of the music
When a Shinigami loses his purpose in a dead world, and finds a tiny light of life - he decides to protect it and help it spread in order to get his purpose back.
game Egyptian methologies
This is a 2D plat-former puzzle. You are a human collecting element tokens. Element tokens give you unholy powers, but the more you take, the more weak you are to being possessed by the devil himself.
Saving animals with different ways by free animals, back it to home, save it from falling
What do we do to maintain a normal healthy weight?