Past Games

Speed, drift, overtake and sharp turns, but be careful not to run out of gas! Initial-L immerses you in Old School gameplay and beat in Tokyo's meandering streets!
Defend your cargo train against a horde of hostile motorized enemies who want you dead! Under constant fire, keep repairing your train while executing maneuvers to get rid of the assaulters.
Home is where belongings of others are... Play as a thief and take whatever you can find in a seemingly empty house. Beware of simple dangers that hide the way to a very peculiar treasure...
A survival arcade game set in a post-apocalyptic scenario.
A local 4 players game featuring two teams of weird looking minions that are trying to summon an ancient deity by mixing wacky ingredients inside a pot at the center of a ritual circle. 4 controlle
"Ooooooh God! What do I do now!??" this is what goes through the head of a priest when things gets messy and nasty during his Mass.
Combines fun and fitness into one game with four combined training programs (y0g4,p1l4t3s,a3robic and z0mb4) designed for nerds. After 3 day of coding session this is the only solution to came back to real life.
A two player collaborative runner/platformer, ahem.. you have to run and jump controlling the Ouroboros snake. One player act as Death, the other as Life. There are holes and obstacles.

Hearty Games