Past Games

This is a game about a girl and a robot inhabiting parallell universes. Two players take control the characters and lead them from division to unity.
[MAKE SURE YOU USE THE UPDATED VERSION, BELOW! :)] You play as Glenn, a man who recently has lost his memories and tries to puzzle together who he is and what has happened.
You play as a necromancer who wants ice cream and therefore has to REPAIR the dead ice cream man.
In this game you play as a birb who lives in a house where it needs to take care of a large egg and keep it warm until it hatches. Alas! An angry pterodactyl is after the birb and wants to eat it!
You are dead but you have some remaining time on this plane. You have the possibility to use your paranormal powers to affect the relationships of your former classmates back at bird school.
This is a multiplayer co-op game, where you play as a cameleont, divided by colour you control it's left and right side.
Lead one of two Aztec villages to glory in two-player splitscreen action, by intelligently choosing the fates of your villagers and reacting to the tides of war.
**Winner of Malta's Best Hybrid Game_** Its the year 2015, the human race has been threatened by an anomaly that spread through all generations like a parasite.

Hearty Games