Past Games

A board game in which a player plays a god and against other players who manage a tribe.
Ritual Drum is a rhythmic drum game for Android. You have two drum and you will need to play them as requested by the game: left, right, or both. I developed this game after our first game idea fa
Your space ship got out of control and crashed into a planet. After you woke up, you find yourself sorrounded by purple grass. Can you survive in this hard environment?
Meet our animal friends - Willy - the whale, Timmeh - the cat, Hannah - the Chicken and Greg - the Unicorn.
sidescroller inside the body, fight to the heart and beat it
The world is infinite repetition, but the ground that crumbles behind you doesn't return...
The spacenoobs have conquered your slimy little asteroid. Go on and bubble and slime their sorry asses out of the place you called your sticky sweet home for so long. Feed on their fleshy, unslimy, yet extremely tasty bodies and show them who's boss! Make them extinct!