Past Games

A puzzle platformer where you control Melody, and her growing army of Noyzes, as they hunt for her missing grandfather in an alien world of musical spirits.
Once, a long time ago, two human armies clashed, this violent conflict lasted years. An angry god, disturbed by this war, erased the existence of this world. No one survived. However, some
You, the ruler of the cat kingdom, must save your friends and subjects from mischievous robot vacuums!
Due to advancements in technology, carrier pigeons have been replaced by more efficient means of communication. You are the last remaining carrier pigeon.
You are a doll who is missing its eyes. Armed with only a bell, navigate your way through the darkness of the house and find what's yours!
These four Shamans race to complete the ritual before time runs out, if they don't their villagers shall pay the price.