Past Games

あなたは駅に居ます。友達や家族の待つ駅へ向かわなければなりません。そうそう、お土産もちゃんと買いましょうね。 You stay at the station. Must be directed to the station to wait for the friends and family.
・It may seem like a game which can be played at a time, please try to check for yourself whether the contents of the street.  The contents of all is not a bug.
<ゲームシステム / Game system > プレイヤーは女の子。2/14、オーラを放っているかっこいい男の子にチョコレートを投げつけて、メロメロにするのだ!女の子も男の子も、この日は心臓がドキドキしっぱなしだよねぇ? / Girl players. 2/14, Throwing the chocolate to cool boy that aura, you attract it! Boys and girls, this day Hey heart I'm beating fast leave?