Past Games

■ゲームのタイトル  贄少女 ■ストーリー  怪しい儀式の生け贄にされそうになったので、  脱出をします。 ■遊び方  最初に「影」が正しい道順をなぞります。  その影と同じ道順をなぞるように進んでいってください。  影の時にはなかったトラップがありますが、影と同じように進めば回避できるはずです。
"Escape from the Enemy!" Player will play as "The Escaper", Try to escape from the robot called "heart eater" and head to the goal called "Green Gate". More exercise player make(Jumping, Running, Swimming ect.), the faster heart beat will generate. The heart eater will detect your heart beat, and attack you.so.......Player can choose to keep distance from the heart eater.and head to the goal in each stage............OR.............Player can find and pickup the grande launcher, which hide somewhere in each stage,and kill the heart eater in one and only hit. so, Make your choice! good luck, and ESCAAAAAPE!!!
Can you survive the incoming waves of barrier blocks and successfully destroy the barrier core?! \ Eliminate barrier blocks with your ballista! \ Fire into clusters of blocks to eliminate several in one shot!
You can attack rice fields as swarm of grasshopper in this game.