Past Games

Tired of sitting in the sidelines, eating crisps and watching the big players contend the world among themselves? Think you'd do a much better job at it? With this game you will experience
A point-and-click adventure where you are an intern at a Covid vaccine production facility and you have to find the 5G microchip to insert into the vaccine!
FPS - First Person Stealth, in the game we are Edward Snowden, and we return to the CIA for steal other secret information, but we have to be carefull because the facility is full of CIA Agent!
A time-attack - platform - runner with a nice surprise in the end!
The idea is: how trash can you get? STORY: Crysis has struck on the population with almighty rage, most of the politicians are illuminati or reptilians. The world might have come to an end. What
Little Big Planet 2 Level created for Global Game Jam 2011
A monkey catching violin keys

Hearty Games