Migs Abarintos

Past Games

You're a regular salaryman, you come home from work, and your wife is angry at you about something. What do you do now?
GAME OVERVIEW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a world where zombies have taken over humanity, humans have learned to blend in within the zombie crowd in order to survive. Unfortunately for humans a zombie (Dr. Ebe) has evolved as well and develops a way to detect the humans among the zombies. Using the sophisticated device develop by the genius zombie Dr. Ebe you must help the zombies find the humans by using the heart beat detector to determine the humans among the crowd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME OBJECTIVE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must find all the humans within the time limit to win the game. When the timer runs out before you find the humans the zombies will deteriorate and the game will be over. Clicking on the wrong target will give you time penalty. Clicking on the humans will give you bonus time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTROLS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clicking on a zombie will signal the other zombies to swarm the selected prey. The sophisticated device you are using will pulsate if it detects a heartbeat within an area. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEARTBEAT SENSOR GUIDE • Green – no heartbeat near the area • Yellow – a heartbeat is near the area • Red – you have pinpointed the human
The Beetle Kingdom and the Slug Empire had been at war for generations. The Slug Empire, barbaric and ruthless, spread across the land with no care for culture or advancement. The Beetle Kingdom is technologically advanced, but the war has ruined its proud cities, decimated its laboratories. Only its Power Beetle armored soldiers could protect the helpless civilian populace. But even their proud military eventually ran out. No more heroes. Even the scientists who created the powered armor were all killed by the advancing Slug Empire. Eventually, only one frail, cowardly lab assistant remained. He had been working on a special set of power armor, and when a Slug Empire attack killed everyone in his laboratory, all he could do was hide in the X-Beetle armor. X-Beetle is a sentai beetle warrior. He has great power, but is incomplete. He is searching the Slug Empire for the legendary Plug of Destiny: a special attachment that will fully unlock the potential of his sentai suit. There are many flawed copies of the Plug of Destiny scattered throughout the land. X-Beetle must avoid the Slugs and find the one thing that will give him the power to really kick their asses.