Michele Pirovano

Past Games

Your home planet is 20242-Sagot, you need to send messages to other planets in order to keep your inter-planetary relationships, but the message should be translated in the alien language first!
SpettroCane è un gran cane, abile nel tornare in vita e difendere il pianeta. Unisciti anche tu a spettrocane e alla gang di amici!!!!
Play as Kambio, a shaman that has some difficulties in making his tribe believe his divine powers. Choose what rituals to perform, such as invoking rain, and hope that it really rains!
Johnny is a horrible person. He's stupid, ignorant, disrespectful and dirty.
Dub' em Up is a Dub 'em Up game. True to its genre, it lets you play in the role of a voice over actor for animated short movies.