Past Games

This is a VR grill simulator. You place chorizos on a grill and coal under it to cook them. Beware, they can overcook and become inedible!
Left or Right?... Choose your destiny.. or Die... MUEEJEEE...
A simple game that you have to choose to eat or don't eat the fruit, but be aware because the fruit may rots....
A game where your perspective and perception is modified by strange floating crystals.
Join the main character in this self discovery trip. Solve the puzzles and fulfill your mission.
You are having a nightmare, in wich you are a walking eye that has to go through differents obstacles to wake up before the nightmare drives you insane. Somehow, you figure out that you can watch t
You are a boy lost in a laberynth. You must find the exit before your flashlight goes out of batteries! To experience the full game experience, play it with headphones! Nyctophobia se trata de un videojuego de suspense, donde se intenta alcanzar la salida de un laberinto en penumbra, sólo iluminado con una linterna a la que se acaba la batería. Desgraciadamente el héroe que manejas tiene fobia a la oscuridad, por lo que sus latidos aumentarán mientras menos luz haya, hasta llegar a un final sobrecogedor si la oscuridad lo rodea. Sobrevive al laberinto recolectando baterías para tu linterna, y llega a la salida.