Past Games

Repair the name of each level using a hilariously complex system of machines :) // WASD - Movement // Space - Place a waypoint, then WASD to set its direction // Shift - Hold to move faster //
Build a home from bits of fluff. — W/S to speed up and slow down — A/D to turn left and right — Space/Ctrl to rise and fall Collect the pieces of fluff and return them to your nest. Fly over
It's the near future - and there's a killing to be made on door-to-door quadcopter drone deliveries! Take to the skies, collect and drop-off packages and earn a s***-ton of Bitcoins.
// INCOMING INTERCEPTED COMMUNICATIONS // Lone Pilot: "I am the last of my kind." Enemy Officer: "We're entering the sector now, Admiral." Lone Pilot: "The onl
A card game where you play as a bunch of competing wizards trying to solve your clients' everyday problem with magic! Chaos ensues as all manner of ingredients are combined in crazy ways as part
Sinisteria is a small story telling game about a girl's life and her mental issues.

Hearty Games