Matthieu Aussal

Past Games

Assigned with the ardous task of rebalancing an ecosystem gone way awry, you can only strengthen vegetals, prey or predators presence in given biomes in hope of restoring the balance locally and fina
Le joueur se déplace sur une image en 2d à l'aide de 2 sliders qui contrôlent respectivement les composantes x et y du vecteur de déplacement. Selon son emplacement sur l'image, celle-ci se
The game about rice and trowel.
The story of a schizophrenic man who try to escape his psychatric hospital. You will have to switch beetween two personnalities to change perspective and solve puzzles.
It's a multiplayers platformer game.First players have to reach the end of the level. In game players will face event.
In a deserted city, a box is stranded all alone. A young girl passes. The two characters will trie to gather their memories shattered through the city.
You just killed a man. get rid of the evidence
A game about the true experience of college party. Take part in a wild and crazy party in this one button action game. Everything is playable with the Space bar.
It's a story about people who wanted to earn more... In a crew there is a manager and some workers who collected resources.
Lets travel to Enihyea with a little group of students to explore a pyramid. Fortunatly, an Archaeologist professor will help you to solve enigma.