Matheus Dalla

Past Games

There's no problem beyond solution. No matter how complex is the problem, don't matter where you are, even if is under the freaking ocean!
Crane Leap is an augmented reality game based on Magic Leap glasses. Create buildings as tall as you can in your real room, and don't let any piece fall!
Its about eletrecidade e grids e torres com raios
Lighthouse, light damage, waves of sea monsters and a crystal island. Use two cellphones to play. One for a VR mode e other to command mode.
Cada galinha por si! Nesta corrida contra a morte você deve fugir do Pai de Santo afim de não ser a sua próxima oferenda.
Just like space invaders, but 3d and awesome, you use your hands to control your cannons and the game screen is a dome master projection.
VR game made to the beenoculus device, have a good time travelling on the universe and doddging or destroying planets.
FIREFLY é um jogo de plataforma em que o personagem principal encontra-se dentro de seus pesadelos causados por problemas e medos no mundo real.