Mateusz Komada

Past Games

Join our cleaning corps! Support your captain in their mission to clean space ship wrecks.
Flea life Once upon a time there was a flea family, happily leaving on a rainbow dog. They lived peacefully untill one day something happend...
Cooperative game which goal is to hatch a dragon!
Cooperate by playing a great concert and managing placement of members of the crowd, to make everybody jump in joy to the music. * Be a real crowd concert manager and handle the waves of your fans.
So, you think you have what it takes to make this deal work? We will see. Let's shake on that, and make it a good one.
"Rum, rum, rum. Who never try it, know nothing about heaven" - Ruk`the`Thuk - Smuggler King. Join us, brave warrior in the fight against Purple Deamons and try Your strenght on a cannon.