Past Games

Buzz Word Factory is a builder game in which you need to build an assembly line to combine letters into words to sell and make money! Time for system designers and scrabble junkies to unite!
Why do zombies groan? Call Of The Zombie gives the answer!
A first person, virtual reality, hand tracking puzzles, spanning time AND space with the swipe of a face. With intellect and attention, have your gaze extend the common bounds to limitless horizons.
Make the villagers love you to let you sacrifice them to let you raise dreadful gods to let you destroy your opponent.
Robot Destruction on Rails with Kinect!!!11!!1
"Our game is about teamwork and the problems that arise from this wondrous union. You play as Girl who gets lost and falls into an abandoned factory, she finds a robot and helps him, Robot then agrees to help her find the way home. This game is a throwback into the 80s 8bit games. You will be able to switch between Girl and Robot using their different abilities to solve puzzles and navigate obstacles. Will they ever find the way out?"