Martin Lilleslåtten

Past Games

A game about growing flowers.
A small traveler works hard to keep their ship afloat on a magical sea.
What are you fixing? You don't know. Why are you doing it? You don't know. Where are the parts coming from?
It's a fact of life that cats like to knock things over. This time however, the kittens might have gone a bit overboard – can they clean the mess up before mom and dad gets home?
Even after the budget cuts, the Jostling Astronaut Matches (JAMs) still provide a safe, sporty and peaceful way to do espionage.
Hairwaves is a local multiplayer game about protecting your perfect, on-point hair from jealous friends with instruments (and the occasional super-speaker death-blast).
George is a shaman who helps tribes around the world with the power of dance. George is nice. Be like George. (4x multiplayer dance-off. Bring a controller!)
Control three characters, which represents their own colour, red, yellow and blue. Each of them has their own view of the environment, which also will affect each others view.
Wake up! What has happened? Your heart is beating, will you make it in time? Make it where? It's beating faster, faster still, you're running out of time.