Past Games

You are a fruit bat trying to collect food in the jungle. Unfortunately Whack Man does not like getting his bananas stolen so he and his evil spider henchmen are trying to stop you.
Lost & Found office at local Zoo. Animals have lost their stuff. Help them find them. ---- You are a robot and you are broken. Marko can repair you. Collect scraps, evade baddies and find Marko to win the game.
You are an alien trying to transmit your message to the earthlings. -Collect cows for methane -Transmit to radio towers -Try to keep your spacecraft intact
Be a part of the crowd! Finnish Game Jam 2017 Project from Jyväskylä, Finland Made by: Taneli Riihimäki Samuli Kinnunen Samuli Ranta-Nilkku
The Initiation is a "Lovecraftian" board game where you play as a cultist trying to be the chosen one for the initiation ritual of Shub-Niggurath.

Hearty Games