Past Games

In Twinks Are Potted Plants you'll be thrust into shoes of Bartholomew Smith a lonely gay man who cannot find anyone interested in them for anything.
You are the mayor of a growing town, but you have a dark secret. You are a vampire, and you are growing your town to feed on.
Play as a swarm of robotic bees! Manage the fuel levels of your individual beebots to best serve the hive. Bee careful though - an unfueled bee no longer contributes its programming to the hivemind!
What’s a cow to do when her farmer is taken from her by a group of aliens and their evil, chicken overlord? Meet Ol’Betsy, a dairy cow with Duke Nukem-like inner monologue and a taste for vengeance.
A motif driven exploration of our personal attachments to home.
Puzzle Game themed around transmitting SOS signal in disaster scenario.