mark velthuis

Past Games

Help Captain Trash and his friend escape enemy territory by using each animal's spaceship unique abilities.
Use Fairy magic to restore nature, be good or evil .. it up to you!. Exploding bags of seeds allow colouring of a region (last touch will determine the colour) .
"An OCD prone cleaning robot get's thrown into a medieval setting by an interdimensional portal.
You are a robot, captured by scientists. When you are restarted, you find yourself in a strange looking room.
Locked in an asylum called Sanity. A group of investigators must battle their colleagues and their ghosts to find the key and be the first to escape.
Me Little Purpose gameplay: Me Little Purpose presents the user with the power to create life and the power to end it. Although the game has no particular goals, the user has the ability to teach a single action to every life that has been created. Maybe that's what purpose is? The result is a toy box world that can be experimented with. Me Little Purpose was created within 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2013. The team: - Tom van Kruijsbergen - Thijs Verburg - Robert Mooijman - Corine van den Bulk - Mark Velthuis - Max van der Molen - Django Den Boer The game can be found @ Requirements: - Pc or Mac - Flash player - Microphone - Audio is needed for an optimal experience Controls: - navigation = arrow keys - jump = 1 key - slap = 2 key - record voice sample (microphone required )= 3 key - kick out of the world Gameplay information: A little life is created by jumping on the red button. It will copy the users first action it sees. The action will be repeated avery time that encounters another life. Have fun!
Be the unlikely alliance between the one that cant die and the one that dies... quickly. The Dodo and the Phoenix! Work together or perish...
Definition of Physics Extinction: Reduction in the intensity of light or other radiation as it passes through a medium or object, due to absorption, reflection, and scattering : ultraviolet extinction.
Two worlds perceived by one person. Will you find your way into reality, The Key To Sanity?