Past Games

Explore the desert and try to rebuild yourself!
A time-attack - platform - runner with a nice surprise in the end!
An adventure game with fantasy setting, where obstacles and difficulties must be faced in an unusual way by the player, who must solve all three levels of game using lateral thinking and thinking outs
Long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away, a super massive blackhole around a planet eat everything is dead, including Angry Donuts and Evil Cupcakes.
You will wander around in the cold human mind, among thoughts and remembrances...
It's here! It's new! It's the perfect gift for your little princess! The doll of her dreams! ... but sometimes dreams can change into nightmares! Be evil. Explore the room. Avoid the other toys. Listen the heartbeat and find your victim!
Lux Tenebris is a 3D platform game with action elements developed in Unity. \ A short synopsis: \ \"The dark lust of destruction. \ The bright quest of salvation. \ Two wishes so different, so equal. \ Different sides in an eternal fight. \ The gray human soul will have its role in the infinite cycle of light and shadow, like a snake that bites its own tail.\"