Marijus Lapinskas

Past Games

This game is about hobo and its life
It is a game, about our local politician nonsense to limit alcohol usage. Your main goal is to call a friend in time, so he could buy alcohol before time runs out.
It's a board game about 2 hackers who try to hack each other's mainframes. The mainframe has 3 streams, but each hacker has only one virus and one firewall, so they have to bluff.
This is rithm based game, then you can create your music and rithm along side with map.
“What do we do now?” – That was the question everyone started to ask themselves when they heard about the upcoming doom of Earth.
Player chooses a personality trait and then plays tic-tac-toe. The game is affected variously by his trait. Sound ON FULL is recommended and some knowledge about Petras Grazulis from Lithuania.

Hearty Games