Past Games

Try being a Siamese swan...
You're a tiny goat, and your parents are missing... go out into the world to find them. An attempt at a classic adventure game, where we switched roles in our usual team :)
Fix broken objects in VR and sell them to potential buyers
It’s the Circle of Life! Hunt or be hunted, eat or be eaten, to be or not to be. Humans and animals alike have pretty much the same life cycle; the strong prey on the weak, and everyone's just
Fly your flock of pigeons through the holes... or not *SPLAT* Tetris meets... Flight Simulator meets... Flappy Bird :-D
They thought that they had outgrown gods. They thought they were masters of their own fate. The waves proved them wrong. We believe in Tiamatzu, goddess of the waves. We will earn Tiamatzu’s fav
Some clumsy witches you are! Look what happened, you changed your friend into a werewolf!
The views were beautiful, the fresh snow amazing... -- But suddenly you were surprised by a devastating avalanche.
A group of ghostly players find themselves in a tight spot when when ancient archenemy appears in their maze-world. They have to collaborate to chase him off...