Past Games

Decida se a pessoa que está na sua frente irá para o céu ou para o inferno.
Acompanhe Zeca, o Jacaré, em sua busca implacável pela VACINA em um laboratório com gente protestando, "seguranças", laranjas, e um chefe do mal tentando impedir o avanço da ciência! - To
Amid so much misinformation, it is sometimes difficult to find the truth. But we cannot give up.
Um novo esquadrão de nerds chega na cidade. Poucos conseguiram suportar a pressão de encarar tantos problemas de informática ridículos e inusitados.
Armênia é um jogo baseado numa história real, vivida no genocídio armênio que aconteceu entre 1915 e 1923. O jogador será levado a momentos importantes da vida do personagem.
Show that you the sickest of them all! Sneeze, fart, puke your way to victory! Welcome to the Sick People. Each player has a different kind of sickness and you have to contaminate the NPC'
An aspiring duck shaman must undergo a ritual to prove his physical and spiritual abilities.
Dino's Life tells the story of a dinosaur who does not know what to do with your life. During the game, the player must help you decide your sex finding hidden items in mazes.
We don´t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Hero or Evil? Questions you might being asking. This game is about that. The Robot are looking for... It´s your chance to learn.
Try to maintain the balance of an human organism in this exciting game, using only the heart! It's simple, just pump blood to the organs to keep them healthy, but, be careful, there are several threats to the organs like: viruses, cigarettes, beers and unhealthy food, you will have to get the rid of these things before them damage the system. The game scenario represents the human body and some of its internal vital organs. In the botton of the game screen there is a heart, it's function is to send blood to the other organs. Each organ has a minimum and a maximum blood limit, the challenge is to maintain the balance. Besides, some desirable and undesirable things are going to pop up out of the blue, and it is the player's function to let them in, or kick them out.
A puzzle adventure game in which a boy must find his lost family after an unexpected event. For this, he will have to use his heart and feelings across the map.
You are Astolfo, an old's guy who is running away from enemies real and imagined. Its difficulty lies in balancing your effort.