Marcos mannkala

Past Games

You are a dove born in the core of an important lineage of messengers doves. Your mission: transmit news and deliver letters anywhere necessary. It's the Middle Ages and the roads are dangerous.
Fear of Darkness was to be a dark platformer where you ought to explore a cave and quickly decide what to do upon the sighting of startling findings amongst the shades.
Mientras los habitantes de DogieVille sólo ven su pueblo como un lugar tranquilo para vivir...
ES - Un corazon de tachero que se pudrio de la vida y salio a desestresarse matando viejas y rompiendo tachos de basura. EN - Is about a Tachero's Heart who got pissed out of his life and went out to free his stress killing old women and breaking trash cans. The game is an analogy of the life itself.