Marcos Fabiano Costa Engelhard

Past Games

"Duality 3D" is a challenging 3D platformer game where you switch between two worlds to acess each world's unique abilities wich are needed to traverse the levels.
A game about a old man that just wants to read its newspaper... but he keeps forgeting something. Find everything so you can go home and just enjoy reading the damn newspaper.
In Grit, the player controls Marth Elanela, a private detective whom the police turn to when their jurisdiction prevents them from solving the most complicated cases.
True Sight is a sandbox co-op video game that depends on the communication between players. We are in a village where you need to complete different tasks such as saving a tree from the fire, clean
It's a 2D platformer & puzzle game about a boy that has amnesia and he's trying to recover his memories and when he remembers, he feels like in home.