Past Games

Lindsey's husband has mysteriously vanished, leaving behind a cryptic board full of bits and pieces of information. Can you help Lindsey find links in the clues and retrace her husband's st
A short, but rather difficult, action adventure game. You were destroyed, dismantled.
Help the flame reach its home and guide it through dangerous paths and passages. Avoid the rain as much as you can, and don't fall into the water. Move with arrows, jump with space bar.
Fool your friends, survive the depths, reach your base and win. A party multiplayer game for 4-8 players. All are crew members of a submarine, trying to survive, but one is a spy, trying to destroy
Light all the fire pits in the temple to activate the ritual, but don't let the wind put them out! A small puzzle game. Move with arrow keys and interact with space key. Choose levels with the
A short dialog based game, depicting the awkwardness of being in a party without knowing anyone. The player is "also invited" to a new year's eve party, and has to talk, drink and danc
An old man in his childhood house remembers his young self. A point & click adventure.
You find yourself in an ancient cave, filled with statues. Mysterious heartbeats are coming from some of them, suggesting an inner being. As you start to collect torn pieces of paper from an old journal, you begin to realize the mystery of the Spirits of the Lost Tribe. ***************************** A puzzle game in which the player must explore the board and listen to nearby heartbeats in order to find which statues contain lost spirits and break them in order to free them. ***************************** NOTE: Speakers/Headphones must be connected and ON! Use arrow keys to navigate around the cave, and mouse to interact with objects.

Hearty Games